Simple Mold Sampling Procedures That Work


Mold sampling is the collection of air or physical material within a home with the intention of testing for mold. Collecting mold samples is a very delicate and sensitive procedure. This is why you need a company that has many years of experience in this field. There are so many things that can go wrong prior to sampling that can offset the results of the mold test. There are also very unethical mold companies that will manipulate environmental conditions in a way that triggers a surge of mold spores in the air.


Whether you are a customer or a consultant it is very important to understand this. All it takes is for the person doing the mold testing to lift up a rug, turn on a fan or a disturbed any material within the location that the testing is being conducted. This is why you need to find a mold remediation company you can trust.


Mold spores are so small and light but the smallest physical disturbances can cause millions of spores to populate the air. So sometimes companies will manipulate tests than recommend another company to come in and do remediation. Little do you know that the person doing the remediation is related to or best friends with the person who did the mold testing.


This is why it’s important to educate yourself about mold testing so you’re not in a position to be taken advantage of.


Air Sampling

Air sampling is a very common method that mold companies use to test for mold. How this basically works is simple. There are kits that cost a few hundred dollars and consist of mainly in air pump along with petri dishes, air capsules and swabs.


Before a company comes into your home to conduct a test they will tell you which locations they will be running the tests in.


Ideally, the person doing the mold testing will tell you to stay out of the room, keep fans all, tape any vents in the room, and basically do everything to avoid any air movement within the room. This is the most basic way that you control variables that can offset a reading. Turning a fan on for 5 min. can bring back a spore count that can cost you thousands of dollars to fix. It happens a lot more than people realize in this industry. And this is why very smart mold remediation companies usually skip mold testing altogether. Practically speaking if there is mold in your house, it you can see it, smell it or are having any symptoms of mold exposure then the mold in your house needs to be treated.




This is another method that companies use to test for mold. What they will do is take out a sterile swab similar to the ones that you use to clean your ears. They will swab several different areas within your house then package each swab in its own respective container. The swabs will be sent to a lab and tested to find out what strange is growing inside your house.


Mold Sampling by Tape


This is the third and final message that mold testing companies use to identify mold. Mold testing tape is best used on fabrics like rugs, clothes, linen, etc. It’s a special type of sterile tape that is used similar to how police pick up fingerprints from a crime scene. Any mold that is growing on the fabric can be tested for and identified in a laboratory.


These are the three primary ways that a mold testing company will sample for mold. We must re-iterate how important it is to conduct these procedures the right way. So before you call any company to do mold testing make sure you are aware of how it’s supposed to be done. Make sure you understand that an environment needs to be controlled before any testing is done. Any company that tells you otherwise is a company that can’t be trusted.