Black Mold Infestations & What Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Oftentimes the 1st sign of a mold infestation is damp smells.

Smells that may be coming from dozens of different mold strains. Each one with it’s own very unique characteristics. A further sign is when people begin to have hypersensitive immune responses.

You may find yourself wheezing, sneezing, or feeling like you have a fever. Sometimes if toxins can build up long enough you may feel like you have the flu.



Black mold is mostly common in areas with high humidity.

So if your relative level of humidity is higher than 30%, black mold begin to grow all over your home. It can quickly become unmanageable if you let the black mold fester for months. At which point it will be wise to reach out to a company who can help you with your problem.

A very common health issue with black mold are Asthma attacks.

That is a breathing ailment which a result of contact with toxic black mold and other substances. If you are suffering from mold, or believe you are, it would be wise to seek out a doctor. In most circumstances mold can be identified visually, but there are many cases where mold grows in areas that are very hard to access. You may notice some discolored staining or perhaps it would be brownish, reddish colored as well as dark and oily. Some people confuse mold with rust just keep in mind that rust is rigid and fragile. Mold is soft almost like silk if you touch it.


Black mold growing on dry wall prior to remediation.

Black mold growing on dry wall prior to remediation.

Hard tile surfaces will rarely develop any mold.

If they do it’s easy to clean off. You need to be much more focused on carpets, insulation, wood, and what’s going on within the partitions of your home.

Finally, if you are diseased from chronic exposure to black mold, here are a few signs to look for: wooziness, lessened ability to focus, influenza like symptoms, memory loss, rashes on your skin, red eyes and congestion.

Once proved that you have toxic black mold it’s vital to eradicate as soon as possible. Many cases with toxic fungus may be so uncontrollable you will likely have to gather up and remediate all your person items. There are companies that can do this but it can be very expensive depending on the severity of contamination.

They’re serious situations as well as your mold specialist will tell you about. Things like what to try and do relative to your problem. Bear in mind that mold companies need specialized insurance. So you need to verify they have it. And if a company does do the work they should supply you with a guarantee.